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Colin And Daniela

Since Daniela and I had met, I knew she would be the once I would spend my life with. I wanted to surprise her but since we live together I had quite the challenge in front of me. I wanted until she had a good friend coming to town that I knew I could trust to help me out. When the day came, after some coordination, I was "at work" and she was with her friend. I had everything set up by the pier on the Red River, it was a place I used to go to think and special to me, I had her friend bring Daniela to meet me. Unbeknownst to her, I also had a photographer hiding in the trees to document the momentous even in our lives. She said YES and accepted the beautiful ring I bought through Royal Jewelers. It would not have been possible without their incredible staff.

Matthew and Antonia

Our story is not traditional as most. On our first date I broke my foot at the street fair and was positive I would never see Matthew again. Instead, Matthew spent every day with me as I healed. After many jokes from myself about going ring shopping one day after the routine joke Matthew said "sure". Within two weeks the perfect ring was found at Royal Jewelers and the wait was on for it to come in. After many days of trying to pry information out of Matthew he managed to pick up the ring without me knowing. Shortly after coming home from work after a trying day for both of us, Matthew approached me and asked if I still loved him. After saying yes, he then asked "How much do you love me?" and presented me the ring. I obviously said yes and it took no time for us to call our family and friends to let them know the news.

Krysta and David

"David and I planned a weekend getaway camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. We woke up Saturday to clear blue skies and beautiful weather. David made me breakfast over the fire before a great 13 mile hike alongside alpine lakes and scenic vistas. We had such a great day hiking and laughing together. Once back at our campsite, we changed clothes made our way to Sprague Lake to watch the sunset over a glass of wine. The sunset was as perfect as the sunrise earlier in the day with clear blue skies. Just as I sat down on a bench to rest my legs after a long day hiking, David, acting somewhat strange, took my hand and started leading me up a small hill. I was so confused because as we were walking, I saw a photographer moving from behind a rock. David just smiled and kept leading me up the hill. We reached an area where a blanket was laid out with pictures of us, candles, roses, champagne and champagne flutes that had been engraved with our names, date, and location. David got down on one knee and asked me to marry him as Taylor and Mike, our fantastic husband and wife photography team, captured the best moment of our life!"

Tony and Samantha

"Tony and I have been together for a little over six years when he decided to pop the question! He surprised me with a trip to Rome, Italy in May. The whole time we were there walking around the city, Tony had the ring in his pocket just waiting for the right moment to ask me. On our second to last night, we went to dinner at Villa Miani which over looked the city of Rome. After dinner Tony said let's go to the roof top to enjoy the views. There, on top of the roof top terrace with Rome's beautiful lights and the Vatican's Basicilla Church in the background, Tony got on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!! It was an amazing moment that I will never forget!"

Jack and Jenna

"Jack and I took a much-needed vacation after I graduated my program and passed my board exam. We headed out from Minnesota to Montana to do some hiking, rafting, touring, and horseback riding. We had been together for a while so I had a feeling a proposal was coming on this trip. Some unexpected and untimely snow delayed our hiking trip until the last day of our vacation, but we made it out to the gorgeous trail right after a rain shower. The further we hiked, the more anticipation and excitement I felt. However, before I knew it we were back at the car- the hike was over, and there was no proposal. I felt disappointed, but tried hard to dismiss it because I really did have a fantastic time simply hiking with my best friend.

After drinking some water and checking his phone Jack suggested we check out a side trail that we missed. Hope was restored! We passed a few hikers on this trail that were taking photos of the beautiful scenery. Suddenly, Jack stopped to turn around to look at me. With a huge grin on his face, he got down on one knee and asked if I’d marry him with the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. And of course I said yes! It turns out Jack had hired a photographer for the occasion, and was trying to time it just right! I am so excited to marry my best friend!" - Jenna

Eric and Tara

"Eric picked Island Park in downtown Fargo to propose. Our favorite date nights are always spent downtown, and Island Park is such a beautiful setting in the Fall as the leaves were changing. What I thought was just a walk through the park turned out to be so much more as Eric went down on one knee. I loved how thoughtful he was in asking my dad's permission first and making sure to capture the moment with a photographer on site so that I would be able to cherish the moment and share it with my friends and family."

Nick and Sarah

"Nick & I had been together for quite sometime prior to our proposal. We were long past the stage where everyone would ask when we were going to get engaged. About two years before Nick proposed we went ring shopping. While at Royal Jewelers, we found "the ring." It was perfect in every way. Nick spoke with Royal and chose the center stone. It even served as the screen saver on Nick's computer for a few months after the shopping trip. Then some time passed - days, months, years! When Nick finally decided the time was right to purchase the ring, he made his way back to Royal and "the ring," center stone and all was still waiting! Talk about meant to be.

Halfway through May of 2013, I was wrapped up in studying for the bar exam, and Nick had just started working a new job in Bismarck. We were doing a puzzle one evening (a typically rainy day activity for us). About 2/3 of the way through the puzzle, I said I was tired and was going to go to bed. Nick convinced me we were almost done with the puzzle and should just finish it. I thought it was kind of odd, since he is usually not so passionate about puzzles, but I reluctantly agreed. When we were wrapping up the puzzle, we realized there was one piece missing. I was annoyed - we just opened the puzzle that evening. I started to search under the couch cushions -thinking the piece couldn't have gone far. I turned around and Nick was down on one knee with the ring and missing puzzle piece! I instantly started crying - filled with emotion at the unexpected turn of events! Nick had a speech prepared which concluded with him asking me to fill the missing piece in his life and be his wife. I of course said YES. With shaky hands and a new piece of hardware, I put the last piece in the puzzle. We have that puzzle framed and hanging in our home today."

Jason and Natalie

Jason and Natalie had both wanted to visit Nashville for as long as they could remember, so they finally decided to book a trip. The day of their trip they had 4 flight delays and a gate change. Unbeknownst to Natalie, Jason was planning to propose on their first night in town and had even hired a local photographer to capture the whole proposal! While Natalie was blissfully unaware, Jason was frantically texting and calling the photographer with every flight change. Almost 2 hours later than planned, Jason and Natalie landed in Nashville to pouring rain. Jason told Natalie she had 10 minutes to get ready and they had to go because it “was a super cool view that she had to see”. Their taxi pulled up to the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River with a view of downtown Nashville. Jason asked Natalie to turn around so he could a reenact a similar panoramic picture from a previous vacation in Las Vegas. While she was looking towards the downtown landscape, he got down on one knee, pulled the ring box out of his boot, and then told her to turn around. The rest is history!

Ben and Kayla

Ben and I had headed to Florida for our first "real" vacation together. We spent 2 days in Miami and then we met up with his family on the 25th [of March]. After a long day of driving 3 hours to Marathon, all I wanted to do was go to a beach. So we all headed to the beach after supper. Ben had been keeping his eye out on the ocean and low and behold he saw some dolphins jumping out just off the shore a ways. So we all ran over to where we could see the dolphins a little better. Then Ben said 'Let's take a picture with the sunset, water and dolphins in the background.' I said "Okay, sure!" Then out of the corner of my eye I see this box in his hand and I turned to him as he was getting down on one knee and I said, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' (I was very surprised) and he says, 'Will you marry me?' And of course all I could do was say, 'YES!

Kyrstin & Robie

"On a family trip to Ixtapa, Mexico everyone was together eating at The Catalina. As the sun was starting to go down everyone taking pictures with one another, and as Kyrstin was looking out at the sunset Robie came up behind her and went down on one knee and proposed. Robie is quite the jokester, so Kyrstin’s first response was “Is this a joke? Are you serious?” As we all laughed and she finally realized it was real she jumped up and down in excitement and said yes. It was the perfect moment in the most beautiful and memorable destinations.

A year later, the couple, along with 60 friends and family came together where it all happened back in Ixtapa. Kyrstin and Robie were married on the incredible beach of Ixtapa. They danced the night away, and when it came time to do the bouquet toss Kyrstin was getting ready for a special surprise. As everyone counted to three, she turned around and handed the bouquet to Tannis. At that moment Tannis turned around and Jeremy was on his knee proposing.

Tannis & Jeremy

"One night Jeremy and Tannis were at the same bar, and Jeremy was waiting for an MMA fight to start. They randomly caught each other’s attention and hit it off from there. They started spending more and more time together and fell deeply in love and started a family. They had a son, Silas together and he is the center of their world.

Tannis and Jeremy went to Kyrstin and Robie’s wedding in Ixtapa, and Silas was the ring bear. Jeremy had gotten so much positive feedback from Kyrstin about Royal Jewelers, even though he lives 3 hours away, worked with Kelsey at Royal Jewelers and designed Tannis the perfect ring. Jeremy knelt behind Tannis as Kyrstin was handing her the bouquet with his Royal Jeweler’s box open and ready. She was speechless and shocked; tears of joy were filled in everyone’s eyes. It was the perfect moment and their most memorable trip so far."

Kirk and Shannon

“Shannon and I had been together since 2012. She was such an amazing girlfriend I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted her to be my future wife. On a vacation to Marco Island this past March I told her I planned a photo shoot for us on the beach to celebrate our much needed vacation! But a few weeks prior to the vacation I told the photographer that I planned to propose and made sure he’d capture that perfect moment. And on the beach at sunset on March 29th, I got down on one knee and asked her to be with me forever. Through some happy and surprised tears, she said ‘YES!’” -Kirk


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